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Stanlake Park, The Grand Reserve, 40th Anniversary Special Edition - £17.99

Region: Berkshire

Grape:  Donfelder, Regent, Rondo Blend

Tasting Notes: My first tasting note was forest floor, sounds a bit daft but that kind of damp woody smell, light tannins, silky palate. Blackcurrant, leather, cedar on the nose. Very savoury en bouche, would pair with game…. If I ate game. 

Nico and Natalia, who took over the reins only 18 months ago, are from Italy and Argentina. Nico has given the wines a new lease of life and Natalia has given the new range of still wines their own distinct look, each one depicting a wild flower found around the winery.

Stanlake Park, The Reserve - £14.99

Region: Berkshire

Grape:  100% Dornfelder

Tasting Notes: The lighter and brighter sibling of The Grand Reserve and a must try to gauge how good Dornfelder can be. Red fruit, cherry and hint of bubblegum all with a feeling of summer hedgerow after the rain! Delicious chilled and pairs well with lentil and portobello mushroom bolognese 

Winbirri Inscription, 2016 - £14.99

Region: Norfolk 

Grape:  Dornfelder, Regent, Rondo

Tasting Notes: I was really impressed to find a whole host of aromas to explore: warm vanilla, toasted almonds, strawberry yoghurt to name a few. Dark berry fruit, blackberries and cherries, fresh, well balanced and I’m going to describe the tannins as light and fluttery, let me know if you agree?  I checked in with Lee to see if he had gone partial carbonic, and indeed he had. He also added that it had spent some time in American oak.

Charles Palmer Pinot Noir 2018 - £24

Region: Kent

Grape:  Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes: Never before has the smell of farmyard been more comforting than when emanating from a glass of Pinot Noir. This is PN in its purest form, unoaked, delicate and delicious. Strawberry, raspberry, cherry and clove aromas fill your nostrils. This may be the best English red I've tried so far, it's certainly the best English Pinot Noir. Elegant, scrumptious and one you'll struggle to share. 

Charles Palmer are looking to make more still wines as their sparkling wine production targets have been met. We can only hope that they do and I will be first in line to drink them. 


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