This wine newsletter is written by Hannah, an English wine lover who wants to be French. It is dedicated to some of Hannah's friends; the ones who say they worry about which wine to buy when she comes to visit. It is not dedicated to her friends who think Hannah sounds too posh when she talks about wine and that she should calm down a bit. 


It is delivered fortnightly into your inbox and focuses on affordable English and French wines that are easy for anyone to get hold of in Britain, either in stores or online.  


Whenever Hannah travels she is a culture vulture, she loves anything old. Her small humble home resembles a granny’s flat and is adorned with second hand furniture and trinkets passed down from grandparents.  


Hannah loves wine because it allows her to celebrate an old culture in present times. Wine is a reflection of history, geography, people and terroir.

Having spent much time in France and also being ecstatically happy that good wine is made in her own country Hannah’s mission is to promote both British and French wines. 


Hannah’s adoration of wine took hold, as it does for many, after years of working in hospitality. A fanciful globetrotter, Hannah was working summers on Super Yachts serving billionaires and winters in the Alps learning how to ski with a hangover. 

In 2015 (mostly due to social guilt), Hannah decided it was time to get semi serious about life and find a ‘real job’. Anglo-French company Le Verre Gourmand, who sell wine to ski chalets in the Alps, gave Hannah her first job in wine. Working under Sam Owens, Hannah helped to build the new enterprise, Thirsty Cambridge. 


After managing to stay in one place for almost two whole years Hannah couldn’t bear it any longer and had to take flight again. This time to Australia, New Zealand and France where she worked as a cellar hand, gaining the unparalleled learning experience of making wine. 

Hannah then knew that she must settle down or remain poor forever. She moved to East Sussex, where there are plenty of wineries to occupy her, for the time being anyway. Hannah now writes for Great British Wine, is judging at this years IEWA and has completed a fourth vintage at Rathfinny Estate. 

Lewes, East Sussex

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