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Hannah is an English wine lover who wants to be French. Hannah’s adoration of wine took hold, as it does for many, after years of working in hospitality. A fanciful globetrotter, Hannah was working summers on Super Yachts serving billionaires and winters in the Alps learning how to ski with a hangover. 

In 2015 Anglo-French company Le Verre Gourmand, who sells wine to ski chalets in the Alps, gave Hannah her first job in wine. Working under Sam Owens, Hannah helped to build the new enterprise, Thirsty Cambridge. 

After managing to stay in one place for almost two whole years Hannah couldn’t bear it any longer and had to take flight again. This time to Australia, New Zealand and France where she worked as a cellar hand, gaining the unparalleled learning experience of making wine. 

Hannah - realising that the nomadic lifestyle had its limits - moved to East Sussex, where there are plenty of wineries to occupy her, for the time being anyway... Hannah now writes for Great British Wine, is judging at this year's IEWA and has completed her fourth vintage at Rathfinny Estate. 

Now the proud owner of Bouchon Media (launch Autumn 2020) and social media management enthusiast, she is using her wine experience to build brands and bring the drinking community closer together. 


East Sussex​

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